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Thermocrete Ceramic Flue Repair

About Thermocrete Flue Lining Repair
Thermocrete flue lining repair is far superior to any other method of relining. This is especially the case when relining fireplaces and many furnace applications.

Other methods, such as stainless steel, or poured masonry will reduce the size of the flue pathway, thus greatly reduce the draft. When this happens, the installer will not remove the liner and refund your money.

With a fireplace, you are stuck with smoke in the house or needing to burn with glass fireplace doors shut. In the case of a furnace, downsizing even 1 inch in diameter may not be allowed by code. Flue reductions of more than one inch are never allowed.

Thermocrete is a highly advanced ceramic product that coats and repairs the flue. It is sprayed on less than ½ inch thick and is extremely durable.
For detailed information, please go to www.ThermocreteUSA.com.

If you have a very old or historic home, Thermocrete is the only solution to getting the fireplace certified as repaired to original specs, while keeping the flue size virtually the same.

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